Lets Ride Records was founded by Rich and Kesha Porter in the city they were born and raised Charlotte, N.C.. Let’s Ride Records started giving artist that national exposure they had been wanting. They made a platform for artist to perform and compete on BET’S 106& Park Wild Out Wednesdays competitions. Artist like Cutty Cutright, D.Blake, Beatty and Lexii Saga and more were able to go on the show and get further in their careers.

The first artist the label put on the roaster was Christopher Cutright aka Cutty Boy who is best known for his hit Carolina Swag. Then becoming the first and only African American hip hop artist to represent the Nascar industry. Cutty has now cut the boy from his name and now goes by Cutty Cutright due to the man he has now evolved into. 

There were others artist that came and went because the artists has to fit for the label just as much as the label has to fit for the artist. Since Let’s Ride is a family base and ran label it made the task of picking artist difficult so they only kept a small few. 

Up next was Lexii Saga, a teenage old school with a new age twist. Writing at the early age of eleven and her story telling lyrics with dance moves from another level of dance based on hip hop, ballet and modern. She too appeared on BET’s 106&Park and opened up for artist like Travis Porter at NYU and other artists. As she graduated from high school a year early she decided to put her music on hold until she gets her college degree.

Lets’s Ride then toke a break to focus and enjoy life but came back with a vengeance in the spring of 2016 with artist like PB3 and Lil Richye, PB3 is a brother hip hop duo that has been compared to Kriss Kross, PB3 members King K and Trickye Rickye recently won best hip hop group of the year in 2017 Queen City Music Awards and have been gracing stages from their home town Charlotte, N.C. , Atlanta, California to St. Thomas, Virgin Island. PB3 is exactly what the world has been missing, entertaining you from the second they hit the stage with their captivating moves and lyrics that are blowing people away.

 Next on the roster is Lil Richye,  who was also apart of the  group PB3 before becoming a solo artist. Lil Richye developed a love for hip hop because he wanted to make good positive music that was for the youth. He has won best youth hip hop  award for 2016, 2017 and 2018 at the Queen City Music Awards.Lil Richye was also on season five of Lifetime's The Rap Game hosted by Jermaine Dupri. Lil Richye was eliminated due to the fact he is not a battle rapper, he states that he does not battle because you have to be responsible for your words and he stayed true to his character by not continuing. Not letting that stop him but only push him to go harder he is now working with grammy award winner super producer Zaytoven. They are working on a new EP  and currently have the single 'I want the bag' is out and lighting up the airways. Lil Richye has now added author to his resume, he has written two books, a children's book 'Big Brother, Big Shoes' and a motivational book 'The no that meant go, GO HARDER'. He is currently on the 'Its a rap tour', while still doing pop ups at schools to encourage the youth to always go for their dreams.

 These artist are hungry, driven and ready to for the world while making positive music for the youth while teaching some life lessons along the way.Let's Ride Records was built on love, the love of music, old and new from all genres and dedicated to showing and proving that all things are possible. 


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